Friday, July 20, 2007

All 4 Lambs Now Call Equus Villa Home!

All 4 of our Miniature Chevoit lambs are now at the farm. Meet Isabella, Anastasia, Edwina and Ramses. Two of the ewes are yearlings and should give us babies next spring if Ramses does his job! Each is adorned with a brass sleigh-type bell about their neck and as the herd grows, it should make quite a pleasant sound as there are several different sizes and bell tones.


Rapunzel said...

they are beautiful! so sweet!

justabeachkat said...

I'm singing "Julie had such little lambs". They're beautiful. Very sweet photo. I bet the sound of the bells will be something to hear.

Congrats! Love their names too.


Sadie Olive said...

How neat to have lambs! I bet they are such gentle pets and are such fun to have around.

Thanks for your comment on my blog as well! :) I will be back for another visit or two.

Southern Heart said...

How sweet! You must live an idyllic life!