Friday, June 29, 2007

My Daddy's 81st birthday!

Well - he sure does not look 81 does he!...nor does he act it. May I introduce you to my Father, Dr. Milam Leavens. He is holding his first Great Grand Child, Madison.

How did we bring in his 81st birthday you ask? Well, Dad accompanied me to the Emergency Room the night before. He spent much of the time reading the short stories of Oh Henry out loud, while I laid on the gurney and we were waiting for many test results to come in. As it turns out, I had an ovarian cyst. As we were filling out the release paper work, I asked him what time it was.

"Seven minutes after midnight" He replied.

"Happy Birthday Dad. I am sorry you rang it in, in the ER with me." I said.

"I am not." He said with a gentle look in his eyes and the slightest smile.

My Knight in Shinning Armor!


donna said...

Ah, my heart. What a beautiful story about your father. And he is darling-so handsome. You are a lucky girl.
Donna O'Brien

Southern Heart said...

Your father is a very handsome man (I would never have guessed 81!). I hope that he had a delightful birthday! Madison is a little beauty, too...what a great smile!

You have a lovely blog!


Sandy McTier said...

How sweet!
Thank you so much for your email and I'm so glad that enjoy my blog. I had a wonderful time just browsing through yours and hope you don't mind me adding you as a link.
The spider below would have sent me over the edge ~ can't do spiders big or small. YIKES

DebraK said...

What a handsome father you have! A very nice tribute to him on his birthday too.

I think you sent me an email about adding catagories to you blog...somehow I missed it...I found it while serching for an email address.
I see you have figured it out nicely.
I'm sorry I missed the email, I would have been happy to help.
:) DebraK

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a wonderful post and tribute to your dad! He is very handsome! I love that he was with you at that difficult time and what he said to you was so sweet! you are lucky to have such a wonderful dad!


Suzanne said...

What a sweet post and a sweet father...Happy Birthday to him.
(hope you are doing okay too.)

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

Your handsome dad has beautiful skin...and hardly any wrinkles! I hope you were lucky enough to get those good skin genes from him!

restyled home said...

What a handsome, sweet man your dad is. I am sorry about your mum...