Saturday, June 16, 2007

Exterior of the Cabana

This is still a work in progress, but this is what I have done up to now. The statue was given to me by my Father. We used to have it at the home I grew up in. Around her feet are river rocks and some small gold glass pebbles like the ones you would put into a fish bowl. Those pebbles really pick up the light and catch your eye. The plants I chose to use are a combination of new ones and cuttings of plants already on the farm. In the back there are purple iris, the red flowers in front of the iris is a tropical vine that may turn into an annual whose name escapes me at the moment! In front of that are miniature Lily of the Valley. Over to the right is a Crinum Lily that was dug up from my Maternal Grandmothers flower bed in Chicago years ago and both my brother and I have plants from that one transplanted Lily. I love to share plants and my favorites are the ones that I have received from others gardens. There is a very small miniature ginger plant on the far right, but you cannot see it in the pictures.

***Gardeners Tip***

Barter your services for plant cuttings. I usually offer to help elderly people weed their gardens in exchange for plant cuttings. What they have in their yards are almost always naturalizing plants that will do very well in my area! Usually I get way more cuttings and small plants than I can even manage from just one days work. It is hard work, but I always feel good about doing this.

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